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We provide full design, build and installation services for clients, residential and commercial.

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There are three key elements: the client, the site and the vision.

What we do

We know how crucial it is to get this right for our clients first time. It’s why we spend so much time at the outset listening to your ideas and vision so that we can turn it into a reality quickly and cost-effectively. We have a consultancy that allows for a site visit to discuss your proposals together with a feasibility study on whether they are are possible. We are quite flexible on the form this can take but we do charge for a report and any travel expenses incurred. If the site is less than an hour from our base in Stroud, Gloucestershire, we will quite often come for a discussion free of charge at a time that is mutually convenient. Otherwise we are normally available to give free advice on the phone.

What we do- Building trust

Some of you may have had a personal recommendation, others may have just found us whilst browsing on-line but either way from 30 years of experience in design and construction, we have the ability to understand and interpret your ideas to create a space beyond your expectations. Our designer and technical expert will work with you to ensure we find a solution that is right for you. From a design point of view, our portfolio of projects is a starting point for the design process so please have a browse and find a style that suits you.

Rather that do variations on previous work we much prefer to come up with an individual solution so you as customer ends up with a project unique to you . It won’t necessarily cost any more as our design process is now very refined- we know what works and what doesn’t!

The starting point of any consultation is the context in which the oven is to be placed, so once a style of oven is agreed, the design brief is developed with sketches and finally cad drawings and cgi presentation views of the oven in place, interior or exterior.

What we do- The design proposal and siting the scheme

Once we have surveyed your project and come up with some design options we can site the oven inside as part of a kitchen or restaurant or outside, as part of a garden or outdoor kitchen, pub garden or beach bar. The outdoor kitchens are more elaborate builds with a wide range of materials and utilities available so click on the link here for a brief introduction into what’s possible.

We work with a small number of dedicated and trusted suppliers to bring you not only great trouble free appliances but also sustainably produced materials.

We design, build & install.

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What we do and what you can do for us

Bear in mind that if you are buying a core from us and installing the oven yourself, you will need to either build a strong insulated masonry base or buy a dedicated steel base from us and once the oven is fixed in place, it too needs insulating well and protected from the elements with a decorative cladding. We can supply you with all the materials you need plus oven tools and accessories… with planning, anything is possible!

To reduce costs, you or your local builder can build bases or put foundations in so some of the work we would normally have to travel to do and may not take a whole day is done before we start the build proper. If you want to do the whole thing yourself, we can give you plans to work to or be on the end of a phone if you need guidance.

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