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Timber clad outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have moved on by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years, with sleek modernist schemes at one end of the budget spectrum and man shacks at the other. They are entirely scalable depending on budget and expectations so compromises on materials and appliances affect the overall spend.

Ultimately what you want to cook will determine what appliances you need. The real foodies out there may spend hours smoking and grilling at very precise temperatures to get the best out of their food whilst others just want to throw something on a BBQ and be happy with the result.

You may want something small if there’s just two of you or something more elaborate if you’ve a whole family at home. Think about your budget, where in the garden you’ll position the build so its convenient and whether you really need a sink or fridge built in as these will require insulated plumbing and safe wiring. Think about the materials and also potential nuisance to your neighbours. Waterproof units and robust materials are essential for maintenance free and long lasting bespoke installations so timber is normally hardwood like oak or Iroko , metal Stainless steel or at least powder coated to prevent rust and masonry, concrete, brick, stone or one of the newer manmade surfaces using ceramic or polymer.

A lot of our work comes from developers and luxury house builders who have built private houses or flats and have had requests for outdoor kitchens from their clients. A recent example is the stainless steel rooftop bars we installed for penthouses on an award-winning development on a bend in the river in Hammersmith, London for Mount Anvil. A significant number are for private customers contacting us directly who have more limited budgets but who appreciate the quality and breadth of our projects.

stainless steel outdoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens, roof kitchens
One of four stainless steel outdoor kitchens for Mount Anvil


With origins in sunny California in the US , you would think that we were kidding ourselves about our climate to even contemplate spending large amounts of money on trying to cook outside. Some of our clients do want some sort of roof covering but most want quite elaborate schemes plein air, not worrying about a spot of rain occasionally!

Outdoor kitchens concept

With businesses trying to capitalise on their space, the outdoor kitchens concept can help diversify the range of food available especially with the limited space available in most commercial kitchens found in cafes and pubs.

A dedicated space outside, covered or not, can bring focus to a garden and bring fire elements safely within the chefs grasp, allowing for a different style of cooking- fast and furious at high temperature found in pizza ovens and grills or low and slow found in smokers, Kamados and falling retained heat in wood-fired ovens.

A great new example of this is at Heligan gardens in Cornwall where we installed a large wood-fired oven in a new covered area next to the restaurant to help take the strain off the very busy kitchen at peak times in the summer.

outdoor kitchens, heligan gardens, pizza oven,wood-fired oven, four grand-mere, FT1350, brick oven
Heligan gardens pizza oven using out T1350 brick oven

Have a look through our projects for inspiration but when it comes to designing, we prefer to come up with a scheme tailored to your style of house and garden setting. For a more detailed look at the process and appliances we use, please look at our Outdoor Kitchen Blog post here.

Examples of Outdoor Kitchens we have designed and built

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