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Although based near Stroud you’ll find us not only locally in Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall but regularly making trips to London and the South East to install ovens or give advice to budding restauranteurs, pubs, pizzerias and bakeries. We’ve worked as far north as Northumberland in the North East and Leeds in the North, Canterbury, Ditchling and Plumpton in Kent and Sussex, West Lexham and Coltishall in Norfolk and Carmarthen and Tenby in West Wales!

If you would like to contact us with regard to anything you have seen on the site, would like to discuss a project, or book a consultation, please contact us below.

Please note we are normally very busy with installations and because we are often working away, we like to have as much notice as possible to plan builds and sometimes even to supply ovens. Our factory closes for 3 weeks over August and December and because of the stoppage , it is usually chocker with orders during July so it pays to plan well in advance and get orders in place. 

If you need to talk to me direct, please call Amrit Row:

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 1453 759976 ( 24 hr answerphone)
  • Mobile: +44 (0) 07710 730 660 ( direct line)
  • Email:

Or you can email using the form below:

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  • Materials can withstand very high temperatures ; higher than 1250°C
  • Materials can withstand the frost as well, ovens can be set outdoor where winters are cold.
  • Thanks to the quality of our materials, bricks or concrete cement, your pizza oven will last for generations and will add value to your house.
Budget / Save money
Wood is the cheapest form of combustible material.With its parabolic shape and exterior insulation a Grand Mere oven uses very little wood. Wood consumption is reduced by 30% compared to a classic design oven.In a Campagnard F800 oven, 10 Kgs of dry wood are enough to obtain a uniform temperature of 300 °C.
Ecology: Wood is a clean and renewable energy
  • It does not threaten the energy reserves of the planet
  • The burning of wood does not contribute to the greenhouse effect as it is carbon neutral
  • The materials used in the manufacturing of an oven are inert and non-polluting
The Grand Mere oven does not require much maintenance as it is cleaned when you light the fire the next time you use it.
Thanks to the 2 baking methods (open or closed door), the possibility to bake bread, pizza, fish, pastries, to stew or to grill, or to cook on the plancha, you can discover with our Grand Mere oven what the French cherish the most : “Le temps du bon”!
The materials we use
Our manufacturing method brings together tradition and innovation...Brick: for aesthetic reasons and because of its resistance to thermal shock.Chamotte: refractory rock mixed with alumina-fortified cement and reinforced with metal fibres is the base of our refractory concrete.The concrete withstands the temperature of over 1250°C and the metal fibers prevent the oven from cracking and fissuring. Each material is tested to make sure it is not harmful and fully operational for baking.Your oven will last for generations.
The form: Guarantees perfect harmony of the cooking process
Thanks to the particular shape, our wood-fired ovens are internationally renowned as the most energy efficient.Round and low, the Four Grand-Mere oven guarantees perfect harmony of the cooking process, efficient heat radiation and ease of use.
What size oven should I order?
For domestic users, the sizes available are 700, 800 and 950mm internal diameter and will cook 1, 2 and 3-4 pizzas respectively. Our best selling all round traditional oven is the Campagnard F800, available in brick or chamotte but if you are inexperienced the chances are you will only be able to cook one pizza at a time so drop down a size to the Marmiton F700 in brick or chamotte or Le Flamme available in chamotte.For professional and commercial users, we have a huge range of sizes ranging from 1030mm right up to 3700mm for bakeries. With ovens either circular, long and narrow or wide and narrow, there will be an oven that will suit your kitchen or restaurant.
How do I order?
The best way to contact us is by email giving as much information as possible about your project, lead in time and location.For those wanting to buy an oven and install yourself we’ll get back to you promptly with delivered prices followed by an invoice with bank details or you can buy through our online shop.If you want us to install or if the project is more complex, we usually come and meet you and survey the site before a quotation is sent out. If you have scale plans please send them in pdf format first so we can assess your project fully before arranging a site visit.
How long will my oven take to arrive?
All ovens are made to order and take approximately 3 weeks to deliver if in the domestic range and 3-8 weeks depending on size in the professional range.
Can I install my own oven?
Yes, all our ovens are in modular form and come with full installation instructions. Oven sections are heavy however, and normally require two strong people to lift the dome into place. Whilst the F800 and F950 come in two halves, the Marmiton F700 dome arrives in one piece and will need four strong people to lift to a working height of 1200mm ( 4 ft). If you are unsure of anything, please call in advance of installation and we’ll try to help.
What about the base for my oven?
The hearth normally sits at around 1200mm ( 4ft) high for ease of use so some form of base is needed for the oven to sit on. We can supply a steel table that can be assembled in minutes and is proportioned to each oven size otherwise a masonry base will have to be built to take the weight.If you are building yourself, we supply you with a tech sheet for the oven showing all the dimensions so you can build the base to the correct size. Have a look through some of our projects or go online and find inspiration for a style that suits your site.
What comes with my oven?
You can buy just an oven shell and source everything else yourself or you can buy the ‘with equipment’ package that includes everything you need except the flue.Our standard package includes- the oven, a rigid vermicrete insulated slab for installation under the hearth, two layers of ceramic fibre insulation for the dome, a cast iron flue connector, a hinged cast iron outer door, a removable refractory insulated door for keeping the heat in overnight and a dome thermometer.The flue will need to be 150mm/180mm/200mm depending on oven size and needs to be about one metre long with a suitable adapter to join to the flue connector supplied.
Can you build my oven?
Yes, we are experts in all forms of brick oven construction and most types of building. We will give you a quotation for the construction and hand over of your project, large or small, and can design the whole package using SketchUp and cgi software so you get a true feeling for what the project will look like when finished. Bear in mind that if you are a long way from our base in Wiltshire, we may have to stay over and will charge for all out of pocket expenses like travelling and food at cost.