Four Grand-Mere Bakery ovens: Rotating hearth and lateral firebox

Bakery Rotating Hearth Ovens 1FBOULR2000FL – The smallest rotating hearth oven in the range with firebox on left or right.

Rotation is controlled by a lever and fully automated so the baker can load and unload in one simple operation.

Includes- The oven, the support (included rotating system), the metal frame, the insulation, the fold away door with a viewing window and light, flue connector and connection part, steam device with a copper tank, 1 capillary thermometer, the lateral fire box, the ash bin of the fire box.

Weight- 3023kg
Internal diameter- 2m
Baking Area-3.14m2

Bakery Rotating Hearth Ovens 2FBOULR2500FL – Mid range rotating hearth bakery oven

Includes- as above
Weight- 4482kg
Internal diameter- 2.5m
Baking area- 4.9m2


Bakery Rotating Hearth Ovens 3FBOULR3000FL – The largest rotating hearth bakery oven in the range.

Includes- as above
Internal diameter- 3m
Baking area- 7m2

Options- the up and over door can be replaced with a traditional french cast iron counterbalance/sash door ( see below)


Bakery Rotating Hearth Ovens 4Pporteslois
– cast iron sash door with counterbalance weight.

Bakery Rotating Hearth Ovens 5FPRO-R – Small 850mm rotating hearth pizza oven

Includes- chamotte vault, fixed speed rotating hearth, table, stainless steel fascia, flue connector
Weight: 620kg
Door: 50cm
External dimensions: 1.51×1.25×1.74m
Options: Wood only (R) or Gas only (RG)

There are many variations in size and configuration with these ovens so if you have particular needs please let us know and we’ll find an oven that suits your circumstances. Please see Four Grand-Mere complete range here.

With an inferior firebox set below the oven or lateral at the side, the flame enters the oven via a Gueulard or cast iron throat or via a slot in the side of the oven. The temperature is regulated via a damper system controlling the air flow into the firebox thus increasing or steadying the flame.