Arrange a site visit

Depending on distance from our base near Stroud, we may charge for a site visit, survey and design so please check with us first and make sure you include a post code when filling out the form.

If you just want an oven, we can normally get back to you with a delivered price and lead in time within 24 hours based on current FX rates.

Because of the recent volatility of the FX between the GBP and the Euro we haven’t published a current price list but will give you the best price on the day you order.

Indicative prices are shown by each oven listing but please be aware that although we’ve tried our best to fix the price, the GBP-Euro FX rate changes constantly along with transport costs so please get us to confirm before placing an order by email.

survey, site visit,
survey with dimensions

Site visit- information is key

Please provide as much information as possible as we can often assess your project from emailed photos and site plans to get an idea of space available and general feasibility. If we need to go to the next stage and carry out a survey and discuss the project in greater detail, we’ll arrange a site visit with you or your representative such as a garden designer or architect, and check little things like access and parking.

COVID and surveys

Over the last two years 2020/2021 , because of Covid related restrictions, we have developed a remote way of surveying and pricing by asking our customers to send photos and measurements by email so we can confirm everything by email. Where possible, we still arrange site meetings as we prefer to talk things through face to face and get a feeling for the customer and site where we’ll be working, so please let us know in advance how you’d like to proceed.



Moroccan style oven