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Quality of materials is key

Four Grand-Mere ovens are STRONG:

Our ovens can withstand very high temperatures- higher than 1250°C but operate at working temperatures below 500C.
Materials can withstand the frost as well, ovens can be set outdoors where winters are cold.
Thanks to the quality of our materials, bricks or chamotte (heat-stable concrete), your pizza oven will last for generations and will add value to your house. All our castings use the finest quality Ciment Fondu , volcanic aggregate and stainless steel fibres to stabilise the oven on heating and ensure maximum longevity. Our domestic ovens have a 10 YEAR guarantee against manufacturing fault!

Four Grand-Mere ovens will SAVE money:

Wood is the cheapest form of combustible material.
With its low parabolic shape and exterior insulation a Four Grand-Mere oven uses very little wood. Wood consumption is reduced by 30 % compared to a classic design oven.
In a Campagnard oven, 10 Kgs of dry wood are enough to obtain a uniform temperature of 300 °C.
(inside Ø 800 mm)

Four Grand-Mere ovens preserve ECOLOGY:

Wood is a clean and renewable energy when derived from well managed woodland
It does not threaten the energy reserves of the planet
The burning of wood does not contribute to the greenhouse effect
The materials used in the manufacturing of an oven are inert and non-polluting

Four Grand-mere ovens are LOW MAINTENANCE:

The Four Grand-Mere oven does not require much maintenance as it is cleaned when you light the fire the next time you use it. Our fireclay hearth tiles are very durable but are easily replaceable if damaged. With stainless steel fibres in the chamotte, our ovens never crack if the commissioning process is adhered to. Always fire a DRY oven!

Four Grand-Mere ovens are VERSATILE:

Thanks to the 2 baking methods (open or closed door), the possibility to bake bread, pizza, fish, vegetables, pastries, to stew or to grill, or to cook on the plancha, you can discover with our ovens what the French cherish the most : “Le temps du bon”!

Four grand-mere, pizza oven, wood-fired, community kitchen, pugmill bakehouse, brick oven
inside the oven with brick finish

Our manufacturing method brings together tradition and innovation…

The materials we use :

Brick, for esthetic reasons and because of its resistance to thermal shock.
The “chamotte” this refractory rock mixed with alumina-fortified cement and reinforced with metal fibers is the base of our refractory concrete.

The concrete withstands the temperature of over 1250°C and the metal fibers prevent the oven from cracking and fissuring.
Each material is tested to make sure it is not harmful and fully operational for baking.

Your oven will last for generations.

The form :

Thanks to the particular shape, our Four Grand-Mere ovens are internationally renowned as the most energy efficient.
Round and low, the Four Grand-Mere oven guarantees perfect harmony of the cooking process, efficient heat radiation and easy to use.

The history

Four Grand-Mere have sold more than 20,000 ovens in 30 countries all over the world.

Since 1979, Four Grand Mere based in the very heart of the Vosges, has been making a wide range of wood fired ovens , gas ovens and multi-fuel (wood and gas) ovens for commercial and private use.
Our bread or pizza ovens benefit from a high reputation of quality and from longevity.
Wherever you are, in the dining room or on a terrace, you will be delighted to cook in our wood fired Grand Mere oven ! Make delicious bread, pizzas, grilled food, stews and cheese-topped dishes in a traditional way.
Grand Mere manufactures specific ovens for professionals, restaurateurs ,bakers and industry.
We constantly seek to meet our customers’ requirements and why our range includes ovens with several doors, ovens with a rotating floor, and ovens with a rotating floor and rotating plates .
Our wood fired ovens are ideal for baking bread, making pizzas, tarte flambee, grilling, making cheese-topped dishes and stews.
Our gas ovens and combined (wood and gas) ovens are particularly suitable for making pizzas.

Four Grand Mere ovens are made of bricks or chamotte concrete and delivered in a do-it-yourself kit. The setting up is easy and ensures an outstanding quality of baking.
Our sales department will be pleased to advise you on a bread or pizza oven which suits your needs best .
Our R&D Department can help you with some tips on how to assemble your oven, especially if special arrangements are necessary .
We are professionals specialised in selling and installing pizza ovens, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, tools and equipment for restaurants, mobile catering and bakeries .

Four Grand-mere Ovens and Wood-Fired Oven are professional partners in the design, distribution and installation of the highest quality pizza and bakery ovens.

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