Four Grand-Mere, wood-fired oven,
Quality of materials is key

Four Grand-Mere ovens are STRONG:

Our ovens can withstand very high temperatures- higher than 1250°C but operate at working temperatures below 500C.
Materials can withstand the frost as well, ovens can be set outdoor where winters are cold.
Thanks to the quality of our materials, bricks or chamotte (heat-stable concrete), your pizza oven will last for generations and will add value to your house.

Four Grand-Mere ovens will SAVE money:

Wood is the cheapest form of combustible material.
With its low parabolic shape and exterior insulation a Four Grand-Mere oven uses very little wood. Wood consumption is reduced by 30 % compared to a classic design oven.
In a Campagnard oven, 10 Kgs of dry wood are enough to obtain a uniform temperature of 300 °C.
(inside Ø 800 mm)

Four Grand-Mere ovens preserve ECOLOGY:

Wood is a clean and renewable energy when derived from well managed woodland
It does not threaten the energy reserves of the planet
The burning of wood does not contribute to the greenhouse effect
The materials used in the manufacturing of an oven are inert and non-polluting

Four Grand-mere ovens are LOW MAINTENANCE:

The Four Grand-Mere oven does not require much maintenance as it is cleaned when you light the fire the next time you use it. Our fireclay hearth tiles are very durable but are easily replaceable if damaged. With stainless steel fibres in the chamotte, our ovens never crack if the commissioning process is adhered to. Always fire a DRY oven!

Four Grand-Mere ovens are VERSATILE:

Thanks to the 2 baking methods (open or closed door), the possibility to bake bread, pizza, fish, vegetables, pastries, to stew or to grill, or to cook on the plancha, you can discover with our ovens what the French cherish the most : “Le temps du bon”!