Pizza oven with two entry arches!

One of the exciting things about working with Four Grand-Mere as an oven manufacturer is the innovations and variations on themes they come up with. Take for instance the Campagnard 800mm internal diameter wood-fired oven- it can come in standard dome height, raised dome height, in brick or chamotte but did you know it can also come in a variation with two entry arches!

Why would I need an oven with two entry arches I hear you ask……consider the situation where you have two rooms adjoining each other, one inside the house, the other an outdoor room attached to the same wall.

Or perhaps just an outside wall of a house where you want one entrance in the kitchen and the other outside or maybe a restaurant where you’d like the customers to see the flames and what your cooking facing the seating rather than the kitchen.

pizza oven with two entry arches, pizza oven, wood-fired oven, two doors, four grand-mere,
rotating hearth pizza oven with two entry arches, one open the other at the back with glass

Why doesn’t the heat built up from firing just disappear out of the other entrance? In the examples above the other entrance is shut off with an insulated door or a heat-stable glass door.

Four Grand-Mere make 3 variations- 90°  180° or 135° with the 90 and 135 facing left or right.

Many thanks to Chris and family in Fowey for permission to post the photos to the gallery below. We sold this oven in 2017 and have only got the photos sent over in the last few weeks! Chris installed the oven himself and we think he’s made a great job of it!

Hopefully it will inspire you that anything is possible with Four Grand-mere- we have seen one of our large commercial ovens with two entrances in France, one for the chef the other with a glass panel so customers can watch the cooking.

see these variations as tech sheets-

oven with two entry arches, four grand-mere, wood-fired oven
F800 2ENT 180
oven with two entry arches, four grand-mere, wood-fired oven
F800 2 ENT 90


oven with two entry arches, four grand-mere, wood-fired oven
F800 2ENT 135














On the commercial side, we have installed a huge 2100 x1400mm pizza cum bakery oven in Frome, Somerset for Rye Bakery near the station. This large oven has one 50cm door inside the bakery where the pizzas are made and another at 90 degrees outside on the terrace so the customers can peek inside to see their pizza cooking. Its a hugely popular place to eat or get a take away and regularly cooks over 200 pizzas an evening.

The door outside is also right above the wood store so logs can be loaded directly without interrupting the cooking at the front inside the bakery. Because of its size, the oven has not only two doors but also two linked flue outlets so smoke can be carried away safely either side, this bends away under the roof canopy and out one end so any smoke is carried away at a high level.

We will talk through the construction details with you on ordering but bear in mind that when passing through any masonry no weight should bear on the oven itself. Walls should be supported by lintels and adequate expansion room round the oven should be built in. We did this on a small oven we did in Stonehouse near Stroud where the customer with a listed 18thC canal side house wanted an oven facing both into his kitchen and onto the terrace outside.

rye bakery frome, Frome somerset, bakery oven, pizza oven, wood fired oven, 2 door oven,
large 2 door pizza oven, Rye Bakery, Frome















2 door oven, pizza oven, wood fired oven, four grand-mere, F800B-2 ENT, Stonehouse, Stroud,
2 door oven, Stonehouse Stroud