Delivery (and damage to goods)

Our Four Grand-Mere pizza and bakery ovens come from the Alsace region of North eastern France using an integrated network of transport links overseen by a major European transport company. The domestic range and some of the Professional commercial ovens take about 3 weeks to deliver from point of order and payment, two weeks manufacturing and one week delivery. Large or more complex ovens like bakery, gas or rotating ovens can take up to 10-12 weeks so please check with us first.

Once in the UK, your oven will travel to various hubs before being delivered to your house or business. Please note that whilst we endeavour to let you know days and times for the drop off, quite often the oven will just turn up without notice.

If it isn’t convenient to accept the delivery please send it back to the depot and ask for a specific date that suits you. Carriers do things to suit them and their schedules and are only as good as the transport managers who schedule dates. Unfortunately delivery drivers, who are often nowadays self-employed, don’t have much status or say on schedules and will often complain about their working conditions and their managers.

Please be nice to them as they will often go out of their way to be helpful but bear in mind they will held personally responsible for any damage caused locally to drives and path surfaces so its important to agree beforehand what they will or won’t do to help out.

VERY IMPORTANT- Delivery and unpacking

If you do accept delivery and sign for it, it is very important to check the goods immediately for transit damage. All our ovens are checked and passed for dispatch at the factory so any damage will be caused by the transport company moving and more importantly storing the oven at a hub. The pallet can be lifted and dropped at various warehouses en route and given the time stress that most transport workers live under, the chances of damage, however slight, are pretty high. Unfortunately we have absolutely no control over how goods are handled and are often amazed to receive deliveries with metal dented, tools broken and oven parts damaged.

Get in contact immediately with any photographic evidence so we can take up issues with the carrier. Without evidence we cannot replace goods free of charge as costs can’t be recovered from the carriers insurance.

A few examples of damage in transit

pizza oven, damage in transit
cracked insulation slab
pizza oven, damage in transit
dented steel table
pizza oven, damage in transit
broken arch