ALFRED, pizza oven, wood-fired oven
ALFRED with pizza


A few weeks ago we were sent details of a new small wood-fired oven that ticks all the boxes for the modern terrace-

☑︎Modern ☑︎ Funky ☑︎ Neat ☑︎ Small ☑︎Easy to assemble ☑︎Competitively priced

Of course we were very excited to see a new product from Four Grand-Mere but this was superbly designed and specifically targeted at more contemporary garden spaces. Based on Le Flamme, a 700mm internal diameter all chamotte oven, ALFRED is even designed to be marketed in three sections-

ALFRED – The whole package

ALF – Just the top half with no legs and wood store. Designed to sit on a surface.

FRED – The package less the wood store

Weighing in at 220kg, it is still quite a beast to move around, but once set up it does have three adjustable feet on the treated Douglas Fir legs to level the oven on uneven paving slabs such as riven stone. The other nice feature is the Vitroceram heat-resistant glass so you can watch your food cooking.

The flue height is set at just over 2.1m ,enough so it doesn’t look clunky but just high enough to take smoke away over peoples heads.

ALFRED, wood-fired oven, pizza oven, outdoor cooking
ALFRED wooden shelf

Another nice feature that comes with the ALFRED package is the wooden shelf cum tray that fits on the front below the door, making it easier to rest a peel and serve direct without having to balance the pizza when walking across a terrace to feed your guests.

The handy wood store is conveniently positioned just below the oven making it easy to grab a couple of small diameter logs to keep the fire going. 700mm is a nice size for a terrace oven as it uses very little fuel to get up to temperature but will cook a pizza in under 90 secs at 350-400C.

Four Grand-Mere have got round the problem of waterproofing the structure without having to resort to renders that add considerable weight to the installation by using a lightweight fibre glass polymer shell. Available only in white, it still packs a punch visually with the charcoal grey heat resistant paint and brown legs setting it off nicely.

As distributors for Four Grand-Mere in the UK, we are proud and excited to be offering this new oven to our customers. It does fill a gap in the contemporary garden design market, where there is little on offer that will sit neatly close to the house, especially new build architect designed modernist buildings.

Coming in at around £3656 inclusive of vat and delivery, its got to be a fantastic addition to anyones garden! The oven will be up on the main website shortly with downloadable spec sheet but if you see this blog post first please get in contact and information will be emailed to you promptly. If you’d like to order or have us install the oven for you, please use the contact page here and we’ll follow it up immediately.