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Outdoor kitchen design
Outdoor kitchen design,Wimbledon

Outdoor kitchen with timber-framed roof structure
Outdoor kitchen with timber-framed roof structure


Modern refractory ovens. A refractory oven is one built either with firebrick, a high alumina clay brick, or high alumina cast concrete capable of reaching 1400C and stable over repeated heating and cooling cycles.

We supply the complete range of the fuel efficient, French made, Four Grand Mere professional ovens to the UK, please see the FGM page for more details. Apart from the refractory core, the exterior is covered with a super efficient ceramic fibre insulation layer to keep the heat where it is needed, where you're baking.

With all installations, a stainless steel flue or for interiors, a twin-wall insulated flue is required to exit any smoke so please consult with us at an early stage on its siting, as there are DEFRA regulations on emissions within urban areas.

The starting point of any consultation is the context in which the oven is to be placed, so once a style of oven is agreed, the design brief is developed with sketches and finally cad drawings and cgi presentation views of the oven in place, interior or exterior. We can site the oven inside as part of a kitchen or restaurant or outside, as part of a garden or outdoor kitchen, pub garden or beach bar. The outdoor kitchens are more elaborate builds with a wide range of materials and utilities available so click on the link for a brief introduction into what's possible. We work with a small number of dedicated suppliers to bring you not only great appliances but also sustainably produced materials.

Bear in mind that if you are buying a core from us and installing the oven yourself, you will need to either build a strong insulated masonry base or buy a dedicated steel base from us and once the oven is fixed in place, it too needs insulating well and protected from the elements with a decorative cladding. We can supply you with all the materials you need plus oven tools and accessories... with planning, anything is possible!

Here are two e-brochures in a new series that serve as an introduction to cooking outside. To save on printing costs, please download them to your computer to view:

gardens + outdoor accessories - living and cooking outside - pt 1

gardens + outdoor accessories - living and cooking outside - pt 2


To give you an idea of the construction process, above are some photos of a current installation. I am building an outdoor kitchen, complete with wood-fired oven, for a client on the exclusive St Georges Hill estate near Weybridge.

Above is an installation in Belsize park, London showing a DEFRA certified Valoriani oven being installed with custom cladding of lime render and pebbles to match the garden floor. Storage cupboards were built in with hardwood doors and honed granite work tops for ease of cleaning. A smart design solution for a smart garden scheme.


"NEW! Not firing up your oven? Take a look at our new range of FIREPITS to extend those cool evenings on the terrace by huddling round a ball of fire. You can cook your dinner as well as warm yourself and our prices are competitive too!

Campfire Cooking Sets

In the garden or on the beach, these are perfect for impromptu feasts: Hungarian campfire cooking sets

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