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Four Grand Mere ovens

Four Grand Mere domestic and professional ovens

True Brick ovens

Take a look at our range of True Brick Ovens

Bakery Ovens

Four Grand Mere's bakery oven

Cob ovens

Take a look at our Cob Ovens

Fornetto - NEW!

Fornetto is a brand of beautiful outdoor wheeled wood fired pizza ovens

Movable oven on castors

Four Grand Mere 950 'Gourmet' brick oven on a steel stand clad in oak with castors so it may be moved.

Outdoor kitchens

Some examples of our recent installations

Outdoor Fireplaces

See how we can create a garden focus for you with an Outdoor Fireplace

Firepits - NEW!

Take a look at our stunning new range of FIREPITS that are all about design and good looks.

Firebowls - NEW!

Have a look at our wonderful Kadai Firebowls from India.

Campfire cooking sets - NEW!

In the garden or on the beach, these are perfect for impromptu feasts:
Dutch ovens range

Pie irons - NEW!

Pie irons - another essential for campfire cooking - in various sizes.

Wood pellets

Use wood pellets for either smoking food, or just throwing on the fire to add flavour to your cooking.

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Wood-fired ovens