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Four Grand Mere domestic oven

Four Grand Mere 'Gourmet' 950 brick oven just unpacked.

Four Grand Mere 'Gourmet' 950 brick oven just unpacked.

Four Grand Mere 'Gourmet' 950 brick oven being fired up.

Four Grand Mere 'Gourmet' 950 brick oven being fired up.

WHY Four Grand Mere

  • The size and shape of the oven can be modified- we have a full range of oven sizes from small domestic to large bakery.
  • Installation does not require complicated masonry- can be installed indoors or out, on a trailer or a van* ( *requires a steel stand and fixing kit from FGM).
  • The oven can be dismantled and moved, independent from existing walls etc.
  • All parts of the oven are easily accessible.
  • Installation is simple and straightforward.
  • Quick heating and economical due to the ovens low vault ( up to 30% less wood consumption than most other makes).
  • Ovens at a reasonable price that will help with all your cooking needs.
  • The ovens have an exceptionally long working life due to the strength and quality of the materials.

Four Grand Mere domestic ovens catalogue - 1.5Mb PDF

Four Grand Mere domestic ovens prices 2014- 100k PDF

  • A full range of professional accessories and equipment is available
  • All ovens come with two doors, an outer cast iron door and an inner insulating door as well as a flue connector with damper perfect for closing down the oven for bread making.
  • FGM ovens come in a choice of two heights, a standard fuel saving low vault and an option for a vault raised by 75 mm. The raised vault has a higher entry arch and vault so large dishes and big roasts can be accommodated.
  • Kits come with the insulation and refractory cement included and most ovens are available in either refractory chamotte or red brick for aesthetic reasons, its resistance to thermal shock and especially for its ability to accumulate and retain heat.
  • The ovens can be used for open flame cooking with the door open, ideal for pizza,roasts and grilling or with no flame using the ovens stored heat for closed door cooking, perfect for bread, slowly simmered stews, fine pastries and baked dishes

Four Grand Mere professional ovens catalogue - 8Mb PDF

Four Grand Mere professional ovens prices 2011- 870k PDF

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For inspiration, see the kind of pizzas you can cook in these ovens on our new recipes page.

WHY wood?

  • Wood-fired cooking is ideal, fast, powerful, clean and uniformly constant.
  • Wood is a renewable, ecological and economical energy source when sourced from well managed woodland. It is carbon neutral as carbon is locked up during the growth cycle in coppiced woodland.
  • Kiln dried wood or wood that has seasoned for a minimum of 2 years is more energy efficient per weight, produces more heat and very little smoke - see our Firewood page

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As members of the Real Bread Campaign and distributor of the FGM range in the UK, we can offer fellow members a helpful discount in buying their oven.

When making an enquiry please write REAL BREAD in the subject line of the email and provide your membership number. We will give members a minimum 5% discount on all FGM ovens.

DEFRA guidelines

DEFRA has guidelines in place to limit the smoke pollution levels within designated 'smoke free areas', which comprise most of our towns and cities. They do, following extensive testing, exempt certain classes of product from the regulations and these include not only wood-fired ovens but also stoves and wood burners for heating. The Exempt appliance list applies ONLY to appliances which are sited within buildings having a chimney and are in force to stop the unregulated production of black smoke high in particulates. All appliances, even though they may be exempted, can be stopped by the local authority if they cause a 'statutory nuisance', in other words, they cause enough smoke to cause nuisance to neighbours or adjoining businesses. Wood is only an exempt fuel in an exempt appliance.

Four Grand Mere ovens if sited in a garden context in a stand alone construction DO NOT FALL WITHIN THE DEFRA REGULATIONS. You may site your oven freely as long as doesn't cause a nuisance or lead to complaints. We recommend using our kiln dried firewood in all circumstances as it produces less smoke and more heat per unit of weight than the more usual seasoned wood deliveries which are largely unregulated and may be up to 50% moisture content which is disastrous for tarring of the flue, smoke production and poor heat. The siting of your oven and flue should take into account prevailing wind and turbulence caused by buildings as wind blowing straight into the mouth of the oven will lower its efficiency and lead to smoke blowing back out of the mouth, especially on start up when the oven is cold.

FGM professional ovens although widely used by restaurants and bakeries worldwide are not yet Exempt appliances for use in commercial buildings within the UK although we are currently applying for exemption. FGM are the most efficient ovens on the market thanks to the quality of the materials used and the lower dome height compared to Italian ovens. You will use up to 30% less fuel to reach the working temperature of 350C making cost savings from day one within a commercial environment. (source FGM )

More info on the DEFRA website