Four Grand Mere bakery ovens

Four Grand Mere bakery ovens

Top left: is a bakery oven with an inferior firebox ( under)
Top right: is with a lateral firebox (side)
Lower left: is a lateral oven with a rotating hearth
Lower right: is a traditional cast iron sash door

Four Grand Mere bakery ovens

Traditional sash door with bottom loading firebox showing its size relative to the brickwork facade

As you expect from one of the worlds most respected oven manufacturers, FGM make bakery ovens to order with two options for the position of the firebox:

  • Inferior with the firebox under the oven like a traditional Gueulard oven.
  • Lateral, with the firebox built at the side.

Both options keep the baking floor clean for continuous baking as the wood is loaded indirectly and can be re-fired easily if the temperature drops below baking temperature.

Steam injection devices are an optional extra but come with a light fitting and temperature gauge as standard. The cast iron sash door is available should you wish to have a traditional look to the exterior.

In addition to the fixed hearth range is a rotating hearth option which is fired laterally and turns the batch of bread while baking, giving an even, steady temperature and easy loading and unloading.

We can supply you with wooden peels and brushes in different sizes as well as perforated alloy peels for unloading bread batches quickly.

The Four Grand Mere rotating bakery oven with lateral firebox showing how easy it is to load and unload batches of bread (video courtesy of one of our US partners, Bread Stone Ovens Company).

Please find below a downloadable pdf with the bakery oven options available:

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