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Forno Bravo Casa Oven

Forno Bravo Casa Oven

Thanks to Alex Chernov of Stovemaster US for the above photos.

Amrit's Brick Oven

Buffalo mozzarella,wild garlic, yellow pepper and olive pizza from my brick oven.

Brick ovens are the 'Rolls Royce' of ovens; solid, dependable, last a lifetime and are, of course, fairly expensive. They hold heat for long periods when insulated well and lose heat at about 7C an hour once fully fired to 450C, leaving a heat gradient that enables different foods to be cooked at different stages of the cooling process. If you are serious about your baking then a hand made brick oven is for you!

It can be made in traditional fashion in a dome shape or for bread bakers an elongated dome or barrel vault. Because bricks are modular, the construction process can accommodate many different sizes and shapes making it more adaptable to difficult siting situations.

Because there are only a few commercial manufacturers of brick ovens in Italy and France, we took the decision to make them available here in the UK as a bespoke service to our customers. If you are interested please contact us for more details.

In the meantime, the slideshow below is of a new hand-made neapolitan style brick oven for Eco Restaurant, Clapham, London.

Above is of a build I am doing currently at home - this is ongoing and is a bit of an experiment, so check back every now and again to follow the progress.

This is a bespoke brick built oven for a discerning client in Buckinghamshire. The build includes work surfaces, cupboards and custom BBQ made from Indian Kadai firebowls set in the stone surface. The overall style is based on an 'Arts and Crafts' look of mellow red brick with old reclaimed roof tile detailing and stone surfaces.

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