Fornetto outdoor wood fired pizza oven

Fornetto outdoor wood fired pizza oven
Fornetto outdoor wood fired pizza oven

Top: Fornetto in red

Above left: Fornetto in black
Above right: Fornetto Alto

Fornetto is a brand of beautiful outdoor wood fired pizza ovens. With different colours, and features you would expect to see on indoor ovens, Fornetto raises the bar on wood fired cooking and cooking outdoors.

Feauturing solid cast iron doors, stainless steel oven interiors and a separate fire chamber, the Fornetto ovens offer a safe and easy way of creating authentic pizzas, amazing roast meats, baked breads, pastas and desserts, and smoking and endless variety of foods in your own garden or patio.

With its smoker slide mechanism that lets you bake or smoke, plus the detatchable smoker box for added flavour, the Fornetto ovens are unique - offering versatility and reliability.

We believe that life is best enjoyed with great food surrounded by family and friends. With a new Fornetto oven ready to use in just 40 minutes, outdoor entertaining is now even easier. With lots of delicious recipes and easy to operate, family and friends are in for a real treat.

Fornetto wood-fired oven

Fornetto in red or black

£1050 incl. VAT

Fornetto Alto- white/brick colour (see picture on left)

£1370 incl. VAT


£60 incl. VAT

Special offer: FREE COVER with this oven, while stocks last!

Pizza oven tools

£134.40 incl. VAT

Bamboo pizza peel

£40.80 incl. VAT

Leather glove

£23.76 incl. VAT

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