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Wood-fired oven, wood oven, bread oven, pizza oven, four a bois, forno a legno, horno madera, forno a lehna, whatever you choose to call it, its the same thing to those of us passionate about cooking with fire the world over.

It's that elemental approach to cooking that has captured people's imagination, from top chefs and celebrities to customers wanting just a simple DIY oven to cook with in the garden. Its about heat, smoke and wood. Nothing else. Its all carefully controlled in an oven capable of taking what you throw at it and giving food whether its meat, fish, vegetables, bread or pizza, an indefinable taste created by the unique atmosphere of hot stone and brick.

There's so much you can do in the oven that you'll probably give up the kitchen altogether and move outside on a good day. In fact we also specialise in covered outdoor kitchens and gardens so now there's no reason not to get some friends round, invite your neighbours and you'll probably make friends you didn't know you had.

Although based near Bradford on Avon, you'll find us not only locally in Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall but regularly making trips to London and the South East to install ovens or give advice to budding restauranteurs, pizzerias and bakeries.

We stand in a long tradition of oven designing and building going back to remains found at Pompeii, near modern Naples, Italy. Ovens in various forms, mostly unfired clay, probably existed for thousands of years before but the existing ovens have given us a model for construction and design detail that has been built on and refined over succeeding generations.

Wood-fired bread ovens can be found in every culture that has access to wood as a resource and grain as a food. The building materials used vary from region to region but one thing they have in common is their refractory nature; they hold heat for extended periods without degrading, enabling successive batches of bread to be cooked on one heating cycle. Today, modern high alumina clays and crushed firebrick are formed into shapes, brick, tile or segment, and fired to give a stable product resistant to temperatures up to 1700C. These form the basis of brick built ovens.

Advances in refractory cement have led to the development of a new generation of oven core, one that has the same heat holding capacity as brick but in a modular form that is convenient to handle and build without any specialist skills. The Italians have led the way in making these quick-fire ovens accessible to millions of people worldwide whilst the French have kept to traditional fireclay segmented ovens which are more suited to long firing times but superb cooking environments.

Follow the tabs to learn more about pizza and bread baking in a wood-fired oven, find out what we do here on the Wiltshire/Somerset border and choose an oven from our extensive range of both refractory concrete and fireclay oven cores.

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